On Display: Warren Lamboy at Billsboro Winery

Warren Lamboy has been painting since 1970. His first paintings were done in a naïve surrealist style, but by 1976 he had changed to abstract, non-representational styles.

Warren has used oils, acrylics, enamels, pastels, India ink, and, most recently, Japanese ball point pen.

He is quoted by the Small Works exhibition guide, saying, “I was fascinated with the idea of using a wide color range of ball point pens to fill in areas, not just drawing lines, so I decided to try them. I love them.”

Warren’s work has been exhibited at Main Street Arts in Clifton Springs, NY. He has also been featured on the Radio Public podcast. Warren also paints under the alter ego, Krystyna.

To purchase one of Warren’s works on display, please call the tasting room at 315.789.9538.

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