On Display: Anne Gomez-Greenspon

Anne Gomez-Greenspon moved to Geneva, New York at the age of 21 when her future husband took a teaching position in the Psychology Department at Hobart & William Smith Colleges. Prior to moving to Geneva Anne had lived in six different countries, never experiencing a sense of belonging to a place. After forty plus years Anne has found her sense of place in Geneva. 

As a person who loves and finds solace in the outdoors Anne has found Geneva and the surrounding area to be one of the most scenic places in the world.   She often takes photographs while actively involved with nature, photographing an experience that has captured her attention and then paints the photograph to evoke the mood that was inspired by nature. She plays with form, color, and texture to symbolize the moment. She often captures the colors seen during dawn and dusk. Her style works through simplifying water and landforms, capturing textures seen in fields, water, and skies.

A retired school psychologist, Anne used art as a tool throughout her career to help children express their feelings and their turmoil. Once retired she has had the wonderful opportunity to take art classes at the Hobart & William Smith Art Department. “Nick Ruth taught me how to be a careful observer, Christine Chen helped improve my photography skills, and Mike Bogin has been pivotal in my development as a painter.” 

Anne’s painting is a continually evolving thoughtful process which brings her great joy.

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