Notes from the 2023 vintage

Winter 2022-2023 was not particularly snowy or cold though a few nights did dip below zero in
early February, resulting in some spotty but minor bud damage. An unusually warm and wet
April set the stage for an early bud break and vigorous shoot development. In the early hours of
May 19th, a late frost damaged many vineyards across the region, making for a very unsettling
‘start’ to the season. Thankfully this turned out not to be as devastating to yields as was initially
feared. June was relatively cool and wet, but also featured weeks in which sporadic plumes of
wildfire smoke from Quebec blotted out the sun. The smoke lifted but the rain continued
throughout a very warm July.

Mercifully, August brought dry weather which generally continued through the autumn. September started off quite hot, with a string of 90-degree days, which helped to lower stubbornly high acids and nudge up sugars in the grapes. Thanks to the relatively dry harvest conditions and low disease pressure vintners were able to let most varieties hang longer to ‘catch up’ on ripening after the wet summer conditions, ending the season on a hopeful note.  As the saying goes – ‘all’s well that ends well.’ This couldn’t be truer for what was another roller coaster year.

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