Introducing, Uva

At Billsboro, we’re passionate about making wine enjoyable for all, whether you’ve tasted across continents or are new to the world of wine. Our new Uva series (meaning ‘grape’ in Italian) showcases our commitment to community in the wine world, featuring fun, approachable wines that everyone can enjoy, no matter your wine background.

Much different from the original Billsboro label you’ve come to recognize over the years, the Uva series labels draws inspiration from the “Peace and Plenty” pattern on the front of our barn – a classic design in the quilting world, symbolizing hope, prosperity, and the abundance of the harvest. 

Historically, this pattern was used to send a message of gratitude and contentment with one’s surroundings, embodying a home filled with love, warmth, and the bounty of the land. It’s a fitting representation of Billsboro, nestled in a region known for its fertile soil and exceptional winemaking. It’s a celebration of the good things in life: community, craftsmanship, and the simple joys, like sharing a bottle of wine with friends.

We hope you’ll share in our excitement, both for the introduction of new wines to the Billsboro shelves, and for the community this series represents, ensuring everyone can enjoy the richness of wine with one another.

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