Harvesting 2023, Sampling 2022

We are all in for harvest. This season has thrown many challenges at our Finger Lakes vignerons, but an early October stretch of warm and sunny days has eased a lot of minds around Seneca Lake. After a very wet summer we are seeing a dry autumn harvest, raising hopes around the 2023 vintage, right around the time that we are introducing some of the 2022’s into our tasting room for you to sample and hopefully take home.

The white wines of 2022 are exhibiting exuberant fruit flavors and powerful, dense structures, and we are soon to be sampling the reds to see where they are in their development, and what they have to offer us.

Seeing a vintage take on an identity and become recognizable is one of the simple pleasures of being close friends with a wine region, and an experience that constantly renews its rewards.

As always here at Billsboro we seek to make wines of transparency, expressive of our place and of the weather that went into the vintage. We are just at the beginning of the process for 2023 – taking the initial steps, laying out a path, and waiting for the wines to walk along it. At this point we can only make educated guesses as to their qualities, but we do so with optimism as we put in the work to guide them along.

Here’s looking forward to meeting the wines of 2023 in couple years’ time.

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